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This, of course, is the big reason why Davis’s story is so inspirational. It’s one thing for a 13-year-old girl to waltz into Williamsport and throw 70 MPH fastballs right by the best baseball playing boys in the country — tossing in some clutch hitting and utility woman versatility for good measure — but she’s doing so while navigating a morass of institutionalized sexism from coaches, parents, fellow players, and fans parroting what they’ve heard from their older role models. She’s doing this in a world where, as Emma Span wrote for the New York Times, most girls who show baseball talent are heavily pressured to move to softball. And she’s doing despite the fact that many males don’t view her as a legitimate athlete at all. In case you hadn’t heard, Mo’ne Davis isn’t the only girl to appear in this year’s Little League World Series, either.
Mo’Ne Davis Is Just The Beginning — The Cauldron — Medium (via jaybushman)

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